Easy Eye patient education for ophthalmologists - by IKONION®

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The Easy Eye app has been specially developed for ophthalmology. It is the product of 10 years’ experience and the expertise of leading and experienced medical practitioners. Use Easy Eye to visualise selected diseases and treatment methods in a vivid and comprehensible manner – during individual doctor-patient consultations or in specialist lectures. Not only ophthalmologists, but optometrists, opticians, practice managers and medical assistants benefit from this unique system too.


Your patients have 1000 questions. With high-quality 3D animations, simulators and an impressive 3D eye model with drawing function, you ensure efficient, personalised explanations. So, your patients understand complex medical matters more quickly and gain a far more comprehensive understanding. This saves time, creates trust and increases mutual understanding about the services offered.


Easy Eye’s numerous interactive features make for a unique style of doctor-patient communication. For example: visualise impairments to vision using your tablet camera’s live recording functionality, or integrate drawings directly into the 3D eye model. Easy Eye allows you to tailor the explanation process to the needs of each individual patient.


Update: Version 4.9.7

  • The Vision Simulator now includes the new EDOF-IOL button. The benefits of EDOF-IOLs are particularly attractive to patients with an active lifestyle, who wish to be spectacle-free for most of their daily activities but are more sensitive to side effects such as halos and glare.
  • iOS 12 Optimizations

Vision Simulator

Easy Eye stands for simple, time-saving patient education. Taking as a starting point the individual sight defects of the patient, you can use the unique Vision Simulator to simulate the corresponding possibilities for sight correction with premium lenses.

Vision Impairments

Visualise impairments to vision, such as vitreous opacities, glaucoma, macular degeneration or floaters, directly on your tablet.

Halo and Glare Simulator

With the Halo and Glare module within Easy Eye, you can simulate halos, glare and starburst around light sources at dusk/night to vividly elucidate the possible side effects of premium lenses.

Visual Field Simulator

Most patients are unaware of visual field defects. With the Visual Field Simulator, defects can be simulated on the iPad and made understandable for the patient. This makes the explanation easier and emphasises the importance of early detection.

3D Eye

Use your fingers to move a 3D eye model on your tablet in real time, and annotate it with your comments. Then print the 3D model, with your annotations, or email it to your patients as a pdf

3D Animations

Illustrate inherited disease and treatment possibilities of the anterior or posterior part of the eye using our highly specialised 3D animations

What our customers say: 

“Patient education was never so easy, vivid, comprehensible and efficient.“

Dr. Stefan Bültmann

(Deputy County Chairman BaWü, Professional Association of ophthalmologists (BVA) Baden-Württemberg, Germany)

“The perfect education assistent for optometrists, ophthalmologists and physician assistants.“ 

Dr. Klostermann

(Auregio GmbH, Germany)

“Easy Eye is ideal to ensure a consistent quality of education across multiple practice locations.”

Prof. Dr. med. Fabian

(„AugenCentrum“ Rosenheim, Germany)

Our customers are satisfied !

Easy Eye is currently rated with 5 out of 5 Stars on the App Store

“Helpful to patient”

“Outstanding way for patients to share their symptoms to their doctor.”

“Very helpful to the patient in seeing how lenses for cataract surgery will end up. Having different lenses in one place makes it easier than going back and forth to each manufacturer´s website.”

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