IKONION provides its services exclusively on the basis of the following regulations.


By paying the license fee, you are entitled to show the DVD with the modules “Glaucoma”, “Cataract”, “Macular degeneration”, “Amblyopia”, “LASIK” in your waiting room as patient information on one or more screens.


If you take out a subscription, IKONION will customize the modules according to your wishes. Please refer to the table above, which lists the individual services included in the subscription. The subscription can only be taken out for all modules on the ordered DVD together. It is not possible to limit the subscription to individual modules.
If you have provided IKONION with the images, logos and texts required for the change in electronic form, IKONION will adapt the animation within a reasonable period of time (usually within two weeks). IKONION reserves the right to reject certain changes, especially if they are technically unfeasible or legally prohibited.
IKONION plans to update the animation from time to time with new information about the disease and treatment methods. As a subscription customer, IKONION will send you the update DVD of the animation as soon as it is available.
IKONION assumes no liability for the content provided by you and any changes you request. You are solely responsible for ensuring that the content does not infringe the rights of third parties and that you have the necessary rights to the materials provided. Should a third party assert claims against IKONION due to the changes you have requested, you must indemnify IKONION against these claims.


The subscription has a minimum term of one year. It is extended for a further year if it is not terminated with three months’ notice to the end of the term.


IKONION shall have unlimited liability for intent and gross negligence.
In the event of slight negligence, IKONION shall be liable for the breach of material contractual obligations (cardinal obligations). However, IKONION shall only be liable for typically foreseeable damages.

Otherwise, IKONION’s liability is excluded.


All animations are copyrighted products of IKONION. Unauthorized use is prohibited. In particular, the animations may not be reproduced, modified or made available to the public in any way other than as licensed without IKONION’s consent. If you have any questions about the animations and your rights, we will be happy to help you.


The use of IKONION® LIVE and/or the integration of HTML code generated and made available in this way into a homepage or the use of “IKONION® LIVE Flash films or minisites” in general is only permitted to owners of a medical practice, operators of clinics and generally operators of a medical waiting room or third parties entrusted by them with the maintenance of the homepage.

The use is exclusively limited to the integration and use of films offered by IKONION® LIVE or third parties via IKONION® LIVE on the homepage of the practice or clinic in the format specified by the generated HTML code. Use is subject to a charge.

The user may terminate use at any time without notice by deselecting the modules in the customer area, by email or by telephone to the end of the month. If IKONION® does not receive the monthly payment by bank transfer or similar, IKONION® reserves the right to terminate the contract with a notice period to the end of the month. Changes to the code will result in the immediate loss of permission to use the Flash films and IKONION® LIVE as a whole.

IKONION® accepts no liability for damages and/or claims by third parties arising from the use of the films on a homepage and/or those arising from the incorporation of the code into the homepage itself. In this respect, the user indemnifies IKONION® against all own claims and/or claims of third parties.

The user agrees to his/her data being stored, in particular in connection with the agreement to the terms of use.

All animations are copyrighted products of IKONION®. Unauthorized use is prohibited. In particular, the animations may not be reproduced, modified or publicly reproduced or made accessible in any way other than as licensed without the consent of IKONION®. If you have any questions about the animations and your rights, we will be happy to help you.